What’s The Process Involved in Moving a Portable Building?

The best thing about portable buildings is that you can move them from one site to another as per your need. Whether you have to move a modular building across your existing site, or to totally new premises, they can be disassembled, shipped and reconstructed within a matter of days. 

However, shipping portable buildings can be more complex & risky than it looks, which is why it is important that it’s done properly. Here, we will have a glance at the process engaged in transporting portable buildings, and how you can make sure that your next move works as safely and smoothly as feasible.

Portable building transport by logist

The process involved with moving portable buildings runs as follows:

  • Before transportation, your buildings need to be disconnected from the mains electric supply, water, and any utilities. 
  • Though portable cabins and buildings can usually be shipped whole, modular buildings have to be disassembled into smaller, more easily transferable sections. 
  • Once you disconnect and dismantle, your building is ready to ship. Each section of your building will be loaded onto a trailer by a crane, properly secured, and taken to your desired location. 
  • On arrival, they’ll be unloaded from the trailer, reconstructed, installed and reconnected to the mains & utilities. 

What are the risks involved during transportation?

Though the whole process looks simple, there are definite risks involved in moving portable buildings. 

First of all, proper attention should be given when disconnecting the mains electricity, water and utilities as this can prompt danger if not done properly. 

Modular buildings have to be disassembled & assembled in a particular order, and failing to do so can be risky and prompt stern damage to the building itself. 

Moreover, it is essential that they’re loaded & unloaded onto a trailer in the correct manner, employing the correct equipment, and secured rightly to side-step structural damage during the transport process. 

How to transport portable or modular buildings in the correct way?

Though there are no shortages of haulage companies that offer portable building transport services in Perth, most of them won’t be able to offer the disconnection, disassembling, assembly and installation services. 

To make sure that portable building move goes smoothly, it is recommended to get the help of a dedicated transport firm that provides a full, end-to-end service. 

How LOGiST can help?

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