What Are The Different Types Of Shipping Containers In Perth, WA?

Is your business looking for a reliable container shipping company in Perth WA? Are you aware of the different types of containers used for shipping and transportation? Before getting a container shipping service, you need to understand the various container types used in the industry. 

Shipping containers are known for their utility, durability, and reliability. Depending on the cargo to be loaded, the shipping containers vary in features, dimensions, and structure. You can find different types of shipping containers that meet the requirements of all kinds of cargo. 

Have a look at the different types of shipping containers widely used in the industry! 

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General-Purpose Containers

These containers are also known as dry containers and are used for loading normal cargo. The general-purpose shipping containers are fully sealed and weather-proof. These containers come with rigid floors and sidewalls. The general-purpose shipping containers are used for shipping various types of liquid bulk or dry bulk cargo. These containers are about 20 feet to 40 feet in size. 

Flat-Rack Containers

The flat-rack containers are known for their collapsible sides. The collapsible sides of the flat-rack shipping container are foldable and help create flat racks. The end walls of the container are stable to secure the cargo. The flat-rack containers are ideal for shipping oversized goods like heavy machinery, construction materials, and vehicles. 

Open-Top Containers

The open-top containers have a convertible top that is removable and helps accommodate tall cargo. These containers make loading easier for the bulky finished product or heavy machinery that is difficult to load through the container door. Another helpful feature of an open-top container is the lashing rings on the lower and upper side rails. It helps secure the cargo. 

Open Side Containers

These containers resemble the general-purpose shipping containers having an added feature of side doors. The side doors of open side containers give freight handlers the benefit of enough space to make loading and unloading easier. These containers are available in 20 to 40-foot sizes to fit cargo of various sizes. 

Tank Containers

These containers are also known as tankers and are used to handle liquid materials. The tank containers for transportation or shipping are made of anti-corrosive materials or corten steel to ensure protection. These tank containers should be 80% filled to prevent dangerous fluid from surging during shipping or transportation. 

ISO Reefer Containers

These containers are used for shipping or transporting temperature-sensitive goods, like vegetables, fruits, and meat. Corten Steel is used to construct the ISO Reefer containers to ensure durability and anti-corrosion. These containers have to rely on an external power source to keep the temperature inside regulated. 

Understanding the different shipping container types helps you select the right one that fits your specific purpose and application. 

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