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Road transport is one of the most commonly used mediums of moving loads from one location to another. That being said, truck transport stands as the most preferred mode of road transportation in Australia. Truck transport ensures bulk transport loads in a lesser amount of time. Moreover, the build and make of the trucks makes it highly convenient and possible to deliver tonnes worth of loads through the road. Moreover, if the load doesn’t entirely fill up the truck, LOGiST will try to find another freight that’s bound to travel the same route as the first load to prevent empty truck spaces. This way, we create an affordable and reliable solution for both, Shippers and Carriers. 

So why exactly is truck logistics solutions so popular?

Why LOGiST for Transport Operators (Carriers)

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LOGiST connects Shippers and Carriers for a lasting relationship. Every connection aims at providing truck transport services competitive to a truck transport company. 

For Carriers, empty trucks looking for loads have a way to earn through backloading in various parts of Australia. If you are looking to join the try logistics industry, LOGiST can provide a platform for shippers and carriers to interact directly, work together on load deliveries and progress together. 

With an easy to manage dashboard system, shippers can track their truck transport progress. Payments are released only after the successful delivery of the loads. The search for empty trucks looking for loads gets easier, safer and hassle-free with LOGiST.

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Why LOGiST for Transport Operators (Carriers)

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