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What is Refrigerated Transport?

Refrigerated transport involves the transport of shipments in specially designed temperature-controlled trucks. These trucks are equipped with an inbuilt refrigeration system that keeps the shipment(s) cool at a regulated temperature throughout the transportation. The process of refrigerated transport is ideal for carrying perishable goods at a desired temperature.

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The Importance of Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transport is more of a necessity than an option for many products. These products typically include food, fish, meat, some fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, medical, cosmetics and personal care products, chemicals and fine art. These products require a controlled temperature in order to maintain their condition even at delivery, and our refrigerated trucks at LOGiST provide just that! 

When we undertake any refrigerated transport Perth task, we ensure that safety, efficiency and quality are guaranteed. Through the highly efficient refrigerated system in our trucks, shipments are prevented from deteriorating during the transportation, thereby maintaining value of the products involved. 

For any refrigerated transport needs, look no further than LOGiST for the most reliable transportation services in WA.

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