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What is palletised freight transport all about?

A pallet acts as a flat structure used for the transportation of loads when transporting vehicles like a forklift is being used. Palletised freight transport involves placing the load on the palletised flat surface, securing the load with straps, protecting the load with wrapping and then transporting them. Palletised freight makes it easier and convenient to transport load. 

Additionally, it becomes easier and affordable to transport freight that is packed in bulk since there’s not much scope for distribution of load and oftentimes, multiple palletised freight is- to reach one address instead of multiple addresses.

At LOGiST, we simplify palletised freight Perth WA operations by connecting Shippers and Carriers. With an easy to navigate dashboard, you can always keep track of the palletised freight transport.

Every Carrier associated with LOGiST undergoes layers of vetting before they become a part of the LOGiST community. With expert palletised freight services, rest assured your load will reach its destination hassle-free.

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