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At LOGiST  (location), we are committed to providing a trustworthy & reliable logistics platform anytime & anywhere to provide a sense of community for shippers and carriers to grow in  (location). We understand the challenges you can be facing and thus, we are on a mission to build simple, highly connected and efficient logistics and warehousing solutions that have been tailored for  (location), Australia.

Why LOGiST (location) for Transport Operators (Carriers) in (location)

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Connecting You to Right People

With Australia’s expansive landscape, oftentimes trucks return empty on their trip back to their base. This is usually the reason behind losses that small operators have to endure because they still have to pay fuel prices, spend non-returnable time and money for a trip that is not loaded. 

We at LOGiST (location) understand this and are on a mission to make every trip count towards profit. We connect shippers and carriers in (location) directly while keeping the window of opportunity open. Not only shippers get their loads through landscapes, but no space is also left un-used for the carrier. While for shipper, there’s always a carrier moving in your direction. We aspire to be your trucking companies and LOGiSTics Company Western Australia solution by connecting you with carriers for easy, quick and hassle-free transportation. 

At LOGiST, we think about making every trip count.

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