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At LOGiST, we keep it simple and easy for shippers and carriers to unlock opportunities. Our team of experts work with you round the clock to ensure smooth deliveries and quicker payments. We Connect Shippers to Carriers with a motive to match empty spaces on trucks to paying freight

Finding the right shipper or carrier has gotten easier. We at LOGiST ensure to run all checks that add an extra layer of security to every shipping. We practice one on one conversation at every step and everything’s monitored by a dashboard that’s easy to use and navigate around. Have been searching for a logistics platform? LOGiST your way! Western Australia today, Australia wide tomorrow! LOGiST is expanding soon!

How It Works at LOGiST

Handle your freight exactly how you want it!

Every carrier associated with LOGiST is a registered and verified carrier. Upon verification, a carrier can advertise their capacity. This multiplies the availability of shipping opportunities for shippers.

Added benefits for Shippers include”

How it works for Carriers

LOGiST makes it easier for carriers to find loads hassle-free. With LOGiST, advertise your service offerings and get connected with shippers looking to move freight.

With an easy to manage and navigate dashboard, you can keep track of your payments, quotes and jobs all in one place. Funds are released within 48 hours of delivery confirmation. There’s always cash flow with LOGiST

LOGiST: Empowering Your Business  asShippers and Carriers by Unlocking Direct Opportunities

Think independent, Think LOGiST

For carriers, gone are the days when you had to work double the time and not get the best for your services. At LOGiST, carriers can make their own quote and deliver load as you want! Every load is dealt with direct communication and clarity. 

Whereas, a shipper can experience professional customer service, logistics planning and easy transportation through our connected chain of carriers. For every load, payment is released by LOGiST upon successful delivery and acknowledgement of the same. Experience worry-free transportation with LOGiST!

Western Australia today, Australia wide tomorrow! LOGiST is expanding soon!

Move Quicker Across Landscapes with LOGiST

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LOGiST – Delivering Opportunities For Shippers and Carriers