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How Hay Transport Perth WA Works at LOGiST

Having to transport tons of hay can be hectic. LOGiST connects Shippers to Hay Transport Perth WA expert Carriers for a smoother and hassle-free delivery experience. All our hay transport experts are experienced and well aware of the system and permits required for its transport. Once a deal has taken place, the carrier will get in touch with you and will mark their presence on the day of delivery. All our carriers undergo layers of vetting before they become a part of our community

What is hay used for mostly?

Hay is basically grass, herbaceous plants and even legumes that are cut, dried and stored just to be later used as animal fodder. Usually intended to feed large sized animals like sheep, cattle, goats and horses. Hay is also food for domesticated rabbits and guinea pigs. A large portion of nutrition for these animals comes from hay, making hay transport an essential component of the agriculture industry.

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Hay Transport Perth WA With LOGiST

LOGiST understands the difficulties that come with hay transport. While oftentimes farmers may struggle to get their haystacks moved across states or even the country due to high prices, lack of availability of trailers that can carry customised portions of hay and stress-free delivery. 

LOGiST connects Shippers and Carriers with the motive to match empty spaces on trucks for paying the freight. That way, you can find a truck that’s moving in your intended direction and can deliver your hay load hassle-free! We ensure that all our carriers undergo layers of vetting before they become a part of our community. This way, we bring you the confidence of a safe and professional hay transport experience. With such amazing simplification of hay transport Perth WA hay movements have got easier and affordable.

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Why LOGiST for Business Owners (Shippers)

Why LOGiST for Transport Operators (Carriers)

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