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General Freight - The Backbone of Australia's Economy

General freight Perth and Western Australia is all about moving loads in standard load-carrying vehicles. This includes both, full truck loads as well as less than full truck loads. General freight is an essential part of the Australian economy as it keeps loads moving from the production unit (manufacturing and agriculture) to distributors in the destination location. 

General freight usually includes manufacturing equipment, tools and other resources. Certain categories of food are also transported under the general freight label. Basically, any load type that cannot be categorised to a niche is transported to its destination under general freight.

General Freight at LOGiST: Simplified for an Easier and Profitable Movement

LOGiST connects Shippers and Carriers for profitable and easy general freight Perth WA operations. Since general freight is a broad spectrum category in itself, there’s always a need for Carriers with special experience to undertake shipments that are urgent and valuable


LOGiST general freight services are usually interstate and involve a wide range of freight container transport vehicles. All our Carriers work in accordance with Western Australia and other state’s regulations (as applicable) to ensure hassle-free movement of load across landscapes.

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Common Trucking Routes With General Freight

General freight movement is often from the South to the North and from the East to the West part of Australia. These routes have an impact on how freight route prices are decided. The demand as well as the supply of load trucking services is usually less in these routes making it affordable to move from Perth to Sydney and Perth to Melbourne. Moving freight in the opposite direction can be expensive and you may have to strategise how the load must move for maximum cost efficiency. When moving from Perth to Melbourne, from Sydney to Brisbane and Sydney and Melbourne, the same affordability in freight transport can be experienced. Such a movement of freight transportation is often known as backloading.

While freight carrying companies can quote a higher price for carrying out transportation in one way, the way back is usually dealt at lower quotes. At LOGiST, we aspire to match empty spaces on trucks to paying freight. So, even if you are backloading, LOGiST ensures that you are getting the best of the opportunity, as a carrier or as a shipper.

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