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Are you in search of a dependable and responsible farm machinery transport service? Then end your search at LOGiST! We at LOGiST are fully committed to provide a dependable and responsible logistics platform that bridges the gap between businesses and their logistics needs effortlessly. The platform provides a sense of community for shippers and carriers to grow. At LOGiST we realize the challenges businesses might be facing, hence, we are on a mission to build simple, highly connected and efficient logistics and warehousing solution specifically tailored for Australia.

We at LOGiST care about shippers as well as carriers alike, which is why we offer flexible and 100% transparent services. We have expertise in handling freight and shipment needs of the manufacturing and agriculture sector. We have been a leader in farm machinery transport services in Australia. LOGiST is renowned for delivering trust, convenience, financial growth and stability to every shipper and carrier. Think independent, think LOGiST.

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