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Why shipping container transport Perth, WA for Your Load Needs

Shipping containers are identified as one of the most important units of transportation. Often used to store loads during transfer, the shipping container transport in Perth, WA is crucial to ensure smooth business operations. 

LOGiST is always on the move to connect Shippers and Carriers for profitable shipping container transport Perth, WA opportunities. We understand the importance of time and hassle-free delivery. That’s why all Carriers associated with LOGiST undergo layers of vetting before they become a part of our community.

Moreover, with an advanced and easy to manage dashboard system, you can track the path progress of your load in a few clicks! Every Carrier associated with LOGiST is skilled and can take care of your freight container Perth, WA needs to the best.

FCL and LCL: Explained!

Less than Container Load (LCL): When the container hasn’t been used to its full capacity in terms of maximum weight or maximum volume. For an LCL container transport Perth WA operations, the container can be categorised and grouped load can be placed. The load groups need not belong to a single recipient

Full Container Load (FCL): When the single recipient receives load irrespective of the maximum volume or the maximum weight has reached or not. Opted mostly by shippers who prefer to send large quantities of loads at once

5 Types Of Shipping Containers That Are Often Used For Container Transport

Dry Storage Container: Dry storage containers are commonly used for shipping container transport Perth, WA wide due to the ease of use and security these storage containers offer

Flat Rack Containers: Known for their space efficiency, these containers collapse when empty and can fold to occupy less space when not in use. These containers are ideal for container transport of manufacturing equipment

Open Side Containers: Oftentimes when the load is wider than usual container dimensions, many Shippers have to invest in building customised containers that can be used for freight container Perth, WA transport. Open side containers, as the name suggests, can be opened by the sides completely. This way, these containers can accommodate any type of load without adding to costs. Such containers are often preferred in the transport of agricultural loads

Open Top Containers: Just like open side containers, these containers have doors at the top that can open to accommodate load of any height. Ideal for container transport of manufacturing equipment and supplies

Tanks: Liquids cannot be transported in regular containers. In such cases, tanks are used. Made of durable, tough and non-corrosive material, the tanks used for container transport can be used to transport water, oil and other liquids in bulk

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