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What is Cold Chain Logistics?

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled management of perishable products in order to maintain their quality, safety and functionality till they reach their destination. 

The cold chain is particularly inclined towards medical products such as vaccines, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, meat and marine products, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceutical products and ice cream and confectionery. 

The temperature-controlled transport of these perishable goods from one location to another through special cold chain trucks is the essence of cold chain logistics. 


For a worry-free, timely and efficient cold chain logistics service that you can rely on, look no further than LOGiST. 

We at LOGiST understand the crucial importance of delivering these products on time, and without any temperature discrepancies and damage to the final destination. With years of experience in delivering cold chain logistics across various parts of Australia and an unmatched track record of no errors from our end, LOGiST is your undisputed partner in assuring 100% performance for your cold chain logistics requirements. 

LOGiST provides full cold chain trucks for long haul transportation of bulk products from the manufacturing units to the cold storage facilities in a seamless manner. Reach out to us with your cold chain logistics needs and we will deliver efficiently!

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