3 Tips To Safely & Effectively Manage A Heavy Haul Project

Heavy hauling is a process that cannot be taken lightly. A large number of industries across the globe need heavy hauling services to ship oversized products & materials to their end destinations. The goods transferred employing heavy hauling are no regular loads; they’re usually extremely large or bulky to be suitable for conventional transportation methods, requiring specialized vehicles to transfer items safely from one point to another. 

No doubt, hauling an oversize load is demanding. In this post, we have highlighted 3 tips to safely & effectively manage a heavy haul project. 

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Know your project inside & out:

The most important step of planning a successful heavy haul is to be well informed about all project details. Recognizing each small detail gives you the data required to flawlessly plan every project phase; from initiation through to delivery. 

For instance, an important aspect of project planning is knowing the exact weight and dimension of the equipment being shipped. These details are very essential as they’ll determine other project logistics such as the kind of heavy hauling vehicle or transporters you’ll require. Once this information is acquired, then you can move to conduct risk mitigation analysis, budgeting, and scheduling; to make sure a safe and fruitful delivery with negligible glitches.  

Pick the correct trailer:

When it comes to heavy haulage, there’re a wide range of trailer types to select from, e.g. self-propelled, modular trailers, dual lane, etc. Selecting the appropriate trailer for the haulage is important. Alongside keeping cargo, equipment, and driver safe, choosing correct trucks and trailers help assure hauls are completed flawlessly with marginal impediments. 

Plan your route:

Before you move on with your heavy haul project, knowing your route is critical to a successful drop. Relying upon the day and time, there are perhaps obstructions that inhibit a timely haul. Meticulously planning a route is really critical if you want to avoid toll roads, high traffic areas, and construction zones. Also, it is highly advocated to have a plan B and plan C route in mind, just in the event any uncontrolled situations emerge. 


Planning a heavy haul project can be a pretty hectic, time-consuming, and tough endeavour, but by collaborating with the right service provider, you can accomplish your project goals on time. LOGiST’s exclusive platform has proved to be a boon for heavy haulage shipping companies in Perth as our services are 100% transparent. 

Being in the industry for several years, we comprehend the challenges one encounters when it comes to heavy haulage shipping, thus, we’re devoted towards offering a simple, well-connected and efficient logistics solution especially tailored for Australia. We exist to make life easier for  both shippers and carriers equally and henceforth, provide an absolutely transparent and flexible platform for heavy haulage shipping companies in Perth. Call us on 1300 563 045!

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